Lawrence Fish Market
Oil on wood panel
Baxi Carstens Collection
River Forest, Il.

My current series is dedicated to those in the restaurant industry who are struggling during one of the most difficult times that I’ve experienced in my 39 years on this earth, the COVID pandemic. From the diners, to the bars, to the Michelin recognized, to the white tablecloths, to the greasy spoons, to the taco joints, to the hotdog stands & every restaurant in between; the delicious dishes, culture & experiences are appreciated now more than ever.

Restaurant workers, servers, chefs and owners are struggling, and in many cases have been forced out of work. Some restaurants that have been open for decades have had to close their doors forever. I have created several drawings & paintings in the past 14 months that pay tribute to those who make a living in the restaurant industry.

As a food enthusiast, I enjoy great cooking & all of the experiences involved in a meal. During the pandemic, restrictions have forced us to enjoy dishes in a car, in a bubble dome or outside on a patio in the cold. I’ve tried to support as many restaurants as my income will allow during the pandemic. Now, through this series, I pay homage to the talents, efforts, and resilience of an industry that serves as a cornerstone of communities and cultures alike.

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